Vitamin E contact lenses could help glaucoma treatment

Vitamin E contact lenses could help glaucoma treatment

>Contact lenses with vitamin E could help deliver medication to treat glaucoma as they would effectively extend the amount of time a medication bathes an afflicted eye.

Normally, the condition is treated with eye drops, but as a chemical engineering professor at the University of Florida Anuj Chauhan has noted, within around two to five minutes of putting drops in the eye, tears carry the drug away.

This means the treatment does not reach the intended target, explained Mr Chauhan, who led the research team investigating the new treatment.

He noted that the drug molecules are unable to go through the vitamin E, which "increases the duration of the drug release from the lenses".

"Also, vitamin E presence in the contact lenses blocks UV radiation, leading to increased protection against the UV light," he added.


by Emily Tait

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