Children wearing contact lenses "see benefits"

Children wearing contact lenses "see benefits"

Contact lenses give children a quality of life glasses do not offer, according to experts.

Investigators from the American Academy of Optometry studied two groups of children over three years.

Those fitted with contact lenses seemed more satisfied with their choice of vision correction, appearance and participation in activities – such as sports – the team said.

Marjorie Rah of the New England College of Optometry, lead author of the report, said previous studies have shown glasses to be linked to wearers" negative perceptions of their attractiveness.

"So it"s not surprising that children experience quality of life benefits beyond vision correction from contact lens wear," she said.

"The growing body of research … should give doctors and parents greater confidence in presenting children with the option of contact lens wear when vision correction is required."

She added this was particularly relevant to those children active in sports as well as those who do not like how they look in glasses.

by Adrian Galbreth

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