Women say glasses are not attractive

Women say glasses are not attractive

Millions of women are coping with a daily struggle against poor eyesight because they are worried that wearing glasses may make them unattractive, according to a new study.

Research carried out by Sight Care Group, a membership organisation for independent opticians, found that 7.5 million women in the UK are aware that their vision is less than 100 per cent but refuse to entertain the possibility of wearing glasses.

Paul Surridge, chief executive of the organisation, said that another worrying find in the study is that a quarter of all women have not been for an eye test in two years.

"Without regular check-ups, these can lead to much more serious conditions such as glaucoma. Unfortunately, vanity seems to be one of the main reasons why girls don"t want to go for an eye test, or wear glasses," he said.

Recently, Dr Keith Gordon, vice president of research and service quality at the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, said that many people do not take their eye health as seriously as other aspects of their wellbeing, which could have severe consequences later on.

by Emily Tait

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