Eye condition linked to breathing disorder

Eye condition linked to breathing disorder

A new UK study has established a link between the breathing disorder sleep apnoea and a hard-to-diagnose condition known as floppy eye syndrome (FES).

In a study published in the journal Ophthalmology, researchers led by Dr Daniel Ezra, from Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, concluded that when doctors see FES in a patient, they should also look for sleep apnoea, and vice-versa.

Dr Ezra told contact lens wearers that FES is often considered to be a disease suffered by overweight, middle-aged men, but the new findings suggest that the eye condition may have wider-reaching causes and consequences.

"About one-third of FES patients in our study also had [obstructive sleep apnoea]. The significant association of the two disorders was evident even when we considered and controlled for patients" body-mass index," he explained.

The study follows research published by Dingbo Lin, a research assistant professor of human nutrition at Kansas State University, which claimed that people can help to reduce the risk of visual impairment by eating wolfberries.

by Adrian Galbreth

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