Contact lens wearers offered makeup tips

Contact lens wearers offered makeup tips

By Emily Tait

People who wear contact lenses have been offered some new tips to help accentuate their facial features.

According to Models Direct, those who wear coloured contact lenses can look their best by ensuring that their makeup has been carefully selected to complement the colour of their eyes.

It advised people with blue eyes to wear brown and gold hues, while those with brown eyes should do the reverse and choose blue or teal shades.

Additionally, people with green or hazel eyes should go for plum or brown hues, the firm advised.

"Choose the colours you use on the eye carefully. If you use the right ones they can really bring out your eyes and even make them appear larger. Try these basic rules and see what suits you best," it recommended.

Recently, Chanel makeup artist Osvaldo Perez told NYU Washington Square News that contact lens wearers should opt for bright blue, purple and green makeup shades to stay on trend this season.

by Adrian Galbreth

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