Baseball player backs contact lenses

Baseball player backs contact lenses

By Emily Tait

A top US baseball player has backed the use of contact lenses over glasses during games.

Pablo Sandoval, the number three hitter for the San Jose Giants baseball team in California, was originally wearing corrective glasses to practice before last week"s game but said he switched to contact lenses when the match started because they were far more comfortable.

With the naked eye, the player said he struggles to hit balls thrown by the pitcher, but with contact lenses in he has managed to become one of the most prolific batsmen in the national league.

After trying many different types of glasses, the player decided to wear contact lenses, as they are more reliable in changing weather conditions.

One of the world"s most famous ever sportsmen, golfer Jack Nicklaus, recently revealed he had no idea where his opening shot at the US Masters landed because he forgot to wear contact lenses.

by Emily Tait

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