Motorists "must wear contact lenses"

Motorists "must wear contact lenses"

People who are required to wear prescriptive contact lenses or glasses when driving are being advised to do so in order to minimise the chances of an accident occurring.

It follows a poll by AutoWindscreens, carried out by YouGov, which found that one in three adults do not realise it is against the law not to wear their prescription glasses or lenses whilst driving.

Nigel Davies, Auto Windscreens sales and marketing director, said that although drivers are not legally required to have an eye test until they are 70 years old, they should take them every two years to ensure they are wearing the right contact lenses or spectacles.

"By doing so, you can be confident you are driving carefully and legally and not putting your own life, your passengers" or other road users" lives at risk," he said.

by Alexa Kaczka

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