Jack Nicklaus forgets to wear contact lenses

Jack Nicklaus forgets to wear contact lenses

By Emily Tait

Jack Nicklaus has confessed that he did not know where his ball landed after hitting the first shot at the US Masters golf tournament, because he had forgotten to wear his contact lenses.

The 70-year-old former professional, regarded by many as the greatest golfer in history, was on the opening tee as honourary starter of the championship, a role which involves hitting a drive down the fairway.

Though his shot had distance and was relatively straight, Nicklaus admitted that its final location was mystery to him.

After 80-year-old fellow golfing legend Arnold Palmer had also had a shot of his own to get the tournament underway, the Golden Bear, a six-time winner at Augusta where the Masters takes place, said he "didn"t have a clue" where his tee shot ended up.

Another US sportsman who has benefitted from wearing contact lenses is Major League Baseball player Nate McLouth, who told the Associated Pres that the lenses have helped him to see the ball "better than ever" while playing for the Atlanta Braves.

by Emily Tait

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