Contact lenses "do not have to cost the earth"

Contact lenses "do not have to cost the earth"

People who wear Contact lenses do not have to pay over the odds for the visual aids, it has been claimed.

Martin Lewis, a money saving expert, told the News of the World that buying online is one way in which people can significantly reduce the cost of contact lenses.

He pointed out that the price of six months" worth of contact lenses can be cut by as much as 50 per cent if people look out for the best deals when online.

"You"ve got a legal right to take your prescription elsewhere after a test, so check the masses of online discount suppliers," he advised.

Mr Lewis added that, as there are many different manufacturers on the market, it is wise to look around for the best deals.

Recently, Thomas Steinemann, associate professor of ophthalmology at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, US, said that contact lens wearers must be wary of illegal products which can damage their eyes.

by Martin Burns

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