Bausch + Lomb team with actress in new promotion

Bausch + Lomb team with actress in new promotion

By Martin Burns

Contact lens manufacturer Bausch + Lomb has teamed up with Hollywood actress Christine Baranski for a new promotion designed to share people"s experiences with reading glasses.

The actress is one of thousands of people who have turned to contact lenses as a more fashionable way to correct vision and the new scheme is designed to persuade people to tell their funniest stories about life with reading glasses.

"Switching to Bausch + Lomb Multi-Focal contact lenses and saying goodbye to my reading glasses gave me a new outlook on life. Now I can see clearly when I"m reading a script, a menu or just watching a movie," Baranski said.

She added that the switch to contact lenses is one of the best things she ever did and cuts out the time she used to spend hunting for reading glasses around the house.

Recently, Drs Troy and Mary Ann Hosey from Armesto Eye Associates said that wearing contact lenses requires minimal work and is something which people looking for added convenience in their daily routine should consider.

by Emily Tait

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