Smart lenses "could replace bluetooth headsets"

Smart lenses "could replace bluetooth headsets"

By Martin Burns

A revolutionary new type of contact lens could change the way that people live forever, according to one expert.

Stuart Karten, from design, research and mechanical engineering firm Stuart Karten Design (SKD), said that a smart lens developed by the company could help to provide information on the go and become even more popular than the bluetooth headset.

He pointed to a new development by scientists at the University of Washington, who are working on solar-powered contact lenses with transparent LEDs embedded onto the lens, and said reminds him of a study carried out by SKD in 2006, which may now be feasible.

"One of the results was an "Assisted Living Contact Lens" that would project helpful information, such as the calorie count for a chocolate scone, or a GPS map overlay locating the nearest gyms," he explained.

With the smart lens, Mr Karten said that the chances of being provided with accurate information on the go, from people"s surnames to sport fixtures, may now be a distinct possibility.

by Emily Tait

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