People urged to beware "dodgy" contact lens suppliers

People urged to beware "dodgy" contact lens suppliers

By Martin Burns

Contact lens wearers are being urged to be vigilant when it comes to buying them, as there are many retailers offering deals which are literally too good to be true.

Giles Coren, writing for the Times, said he recently received a promotional flyer through the door offering him daily contact lenses for a very low price at a local store.

He decided to try out the establishment and walked to the shop, only to find that the offer was subject to numerous terms and conditions and the people working there seemed underqualified.

According to Mr Coren, he soon decided to leave and returned to his usual contact lens supplier, realising that it is best to buy from a trusted and reliable source.

Meanwhile, the Vanderbilt Eye Institute has also advised people thinking of purchasing contact lenses to ensure they are from a respected manufacturer before parting with their money.

by Alexa Kaczka

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