Contact lenses "avoid facial obstruction"

Contact lenses "avoid facial obstruction"

One wearer of contact lenses has praised them for enhancing her sight without the need for glasses.

Lidia Gonzalez, writing for Spartan Daily, said that she used to wear glasses but found that they "obstructed her face" and instead turned to coloured contact lenses in order to correct her vision without negatively altering her appearance.

She stated that it was fun to wear something new which almost felt like a fashion accessory but has actually enhancing her vision.

"They became my new eyes for some time. Though they were not an everyday accessory, I did wear them when I wanted to be dramatically different and exciting - not that I"m not exciting on my own," Ms Gonzales said.

It followed the publication of a study carried out by Sight Care Group, a membership organisation for independent opticians, which found that 7.5 million people in the UK are not wearing glasses because they feel they make them unattractive.

by Alexa Kaczka

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