Hygiene routines "the key" to safe contact lens use

Hygiene routines "the key" to safe contact lens use

By Alexa Kaczka

The key aspect of a safe contact lens routine is to ensure that daily routines are hygienic, one expert has pointed out.

Dr Thomas Steinemann of MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, told Cleveland.com that people must ensue that contact lenses are put in and taken out in a hygienic environment and that the process is not rushed.

According to the expert, this will ensure that there is no irritation and help them to get into the routine of wearing contact lenses safely.

He explained: "Contact lenses can be a comfortable and convenient way to correct your eyesight. Some people in literally minutes no longer are aware the lenses are on their eyes. But with convenience comes responsibility."

Further safety advice was recently issued by Giles Coren, writing for the Times, who said that people who receive offers for cheap contact lenses will usually find out that they are too good to be true.

by Alexa Kaczka

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