Expert offers contact lens wearers eye makeup tips

Expert offers contact lens wearers eye makeup tips

By Emily Tait

People who wear contact lenses have been offered some top tips by an industry expert about which eye makeup to wear.

Shiseido"s celebrity make-up artist Renato Almeida told the Washington Post that people who wear contact lenses and have brown eyes can generally "get away with anything", as the shade suits most colours.

"Try a smoky eye using purple, green, bronze or even a deep blue eyeshadow. The secret for a clean look is to do your eyes first. In this way when you finish the eye makeup application you can clean any shadow," he advised.

For contact lens wearers with blue eyes, Mr Almeida said that another trick is to trace the inside rim of the eyes with a beige coloured pencil to conceal any redness.

Recently, Models Direct said that those who wear coloured contact lenses can look their best by ensuring that their makeup has been carefully selected to complement the colour of their eyes.

by Martin Burns

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