Optical jewellery "moves with the eye"

Optical jewellery "moves with the eye"

A European designer has created an unusual piece of jewellery - a contact lens with hanging crystals.

Core77 - naming Dutch website Domus as its source - described the invention as being as close to eye design as it can get - apart from having surgery.

While some people could find the concept of wearing crystals hanging from a contact lens a little cringe worthy, others may jump at the chance to own a pair of these innovative accessories.

They have been five years in development by designer Eric Klarenbeek and could be marketed within months, the website said.

"One of the boldest ideas in jewellery design is now undergoing tests and certification," it added.

A photograph included on the website showed a string of crystals appearing to hang from the eyeball itself.

For fashionistas who like to use snazzy contact lenses but do not fancy this type of design, coloured contact lenses are also available to order online and can also be made to a prescription.

by Alexa Kaczka

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