Specialist issues contact lens safety advice

Specialist issues contact lens safety advice

An industry specialist has offered Contact lens wearers some safety advice to make sure they take the best possible care of their sight.

According to Chemist and Druggist, a key point to remember if people wear contact lenses is never share them with others, as eye infections may be spread.

It also warned people not to wear lenses if eyes are red, uncomfortable or painful or if vision is abnormal, recommending instead that people see an optometrist or doctor

"Do not exceed the recommended wearing time of your lenses, have regular check-ups with an optometrist. Hands should always be washed, rinsed and dried before handling lenses," the source advised.

Contact lens wearers were also told to follow the cleaning, rinsing and disinfecting instructions on the products, as many people often neglect to follow these despite different manufacturers often recommending procedures depending on the type of item people are using.

by Adrian Galbreth

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