Hockey ace "loves his contact lenses"

Hockey ace "loves his contact lenses"

Professional athlete Milan Lucic has become the latest sportsman to be converted to the benefits of contact lenses.

The Bruins hockey player played his first full game wearing his vision aids against Atlanta Thrashers earlier this week.

According to the Boston Herald, the second-year left winger recorded his first NHL hat trick.

This included the winning goal in the latter part of the third period.

"This is my second game wearing contacts so it was a lot easier to see the puck out there when your vision is clear," he told the newspaper.

"It was like going from an old television to high definition … all the guys around me said I was squinting too much … they forced me to go get the contacts."

Lucic is the latest of a long line of pro and amateur sportspeople who are amazed at the convenience and performance-enhancing possibilities of wearing contact lenses during their game.

He had a few brief trial runs before committing himself to wearing them for a full game.

Contact lenses can be ordered online and delivered straight to a home address.

by Alexa Kaczka

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