People "should be careful" when buying coloured contact lenses

People "should be careful" when buying coloured contact lenses

By Alexa Kaczka

People buying coloured contact lenses should be careful when choosing where to purchase the items from, according to one expert.

Optometrist Dr Jill Bryant told WRAL.com that many people have purchased coloured contact lenses from places such as petrol stations and gone on to regret the decision because the products were not safe or certified.

She pointed out that, as every person"s eye is slightly different in shape and size, it is important to have contact lenses properly fitted by a professional.

"Purchasers of colored or costume contact lenses should beware of outlets like gas stations, flea markets, beauty supply stores and the internet selling those lenses illegally," the expert told the source.

Her comments were recently echoed by Chemist and Druggist, which added that a key point to remember if people wear contact lenses is to never share them with others, as eye infections may be spread by doing so.

by Martin Burns

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