Festivalgoers given contact lens advice

Festivalgoers given contact lens advice

By Alexa Kaczka

The thousands of people attending summer festivals this year have been issued advice about any contact lenses they will be purchasing for the occasion.

Often, people attending rock festivals like to dress up as their favourite band members, which often includes wearing coloured contact lenses, but these people need to be extra careful, warned Mark Evans, an industry analyst.

"Cosmetic contact lenses are only fun at festivals and other events when used responsibly, everybody needs to remember that permanent eye damage could occur if the lenses are not used properly," he explained.

With the World Cup also kicking off in June, the specialist said that people considering wearing contact lenses with their nation"s flag on them also need to make sure they purchase products which are the correct fit and made by a reliable manufacturer.

It follows advice from optometrist Dr Jill Bryant, who recently told WRAL.com that many people have purchased coloured contact lenses from places such as petrol stations and gone on to regret the decision because the products were not safe or certified.

by Martin Burns

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