Sunglasses "are on-trend and health-conscious"

Sunglasses "are on-trend and health-conscious"

By Emily Tait

Contact lens wearers who also wear sunglasses during the summer months are not only staying on trend, but also helping to protect their eyes against harmful UV rays, one expert has pointed out.

Industry analyst Paul Carroll pointed out that this year"s trend appears to be for oversized sunglasses, and he said this is especially comforting, as it means that women and men are protecting the whole eye area.

"This will help to prevent ageing effects of sunlight on the skin around the eyes too. Take a tip from the College of Optometrists, which recommends wearing good quality, dark sunglasses," he advised.

Mr Carroll added that Aviators will continue to be popular this summer, though animal prints will also offer an alternative, alongside "glamorous" ranges.

Recently, optometrist Neil Constantine-Smith said that, before buying any sunglasses, people should always check they carry a CE mark, which shows that the lenses meet the European Standard for sunglasses protection.

by Emily Tait

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