Implants "inferior to contact lenses" for cataract treatment

Implants "inferior to contact lenses" for cataract treatment

By Adrian Galbreth

Implanted lenses are inferior to contact lenses for treating babies with congenital cataracts, according to a new study.

Research carried out by Dr Scott Lambert, of Emory Eye Center, Atlanta, and colleagues in the Infant Aphakia Treatment Study Group, shows that lens replacement appears to cause more complications while achieving the same benefit as treatment with contact lenses.

In an article published in the July print issue of Archives of Ophthalmology, experts found that the risk of complication is higher when treating infants with lens replacement compared with contact lenses.

"Thus, there appears to be no short-term visual benefit and some increased risk to implanting intraocular lenses in infants. We suggest that practitioners continue to exercise caution when considering implanting intraocular lenses in infants," the authors wrote.

It follows a recent study by the University of Western Ontario Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, which has developed a glucose biosensor integrated with a disposable nanostructured contact lens to help diabetics.

by Adrian Galbreth

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