Contact lens solution "is essential"

Contact lens solution "is essential"

While contact lenses are perfectly safe, WDDTY says two vital things to remember are NOT to rinse them in tap water and NOT to wear them while swimming.

These actions will taint the otherwise sterile contact lenses and could lead to a nasty infection, which if left untreated could lead to permanent vision damage or blindness.

Ordinary solution thoroughly cleans lenses and makes wearers safe from everyday infections, but the current scare over the pathogenic amoebae acanthamoeba is largely because it cannot be killed by normal solution.

Unfortunately eyes that are infected with this nasty germ do not necessarily show a problem - they can look perfectly healthy.

Daily disposable contact lenses do not need to be soaked overnight in solution, so they make a hygienic and convenient option to monthly lenses and are ideal for swimmers as they can be disposed of for a fresh pair after a swimming session.

Examples of daily disposable lenses are Acuvue 1 Day and Acuvue 1 Day Moist, made by Johnson and Johnson Vision Care and available to buy online.

by Emily Tait

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