Expert warns about underlying eye problems

Expert warns about underlying eye problems

By Alexa Kaczka

An expert has warned that many people have underlying eye health problems but are not doing enough to have them checked out and remedied.

Dr Antoinette Dumalo, a doctor of optometry and president of the British Columbia Association of Optometrists, said that there is plenty of evidence suggesting that people need to identify these conditions and have them treated.

She pointed to a 2008 University of Waterloo study which indicated that optometrists detect eye disease or underlying health problems in one in ten adults between 20 and 65 who have no vision complaints.

"That"s ten per cent. These are people with no symptoms, never mind those who have blurry vision. Blurry vision is a symptom - one that can be caused by serious eye disease or overall health problems," she pointed out.

Meanwhile, specialists at the University of Iowa have claimed that cost-effective computerised systems to detect early eye problems related to diabetes can help meet the screening need and be just as effective as experts" diagnoses.

by Emily Tait

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