Are hybrid contact lenses the best of both worlds?

Are hybrid contact lenses the best of both worlds?

By Adrian Galbreth

Contact lenses which combine the best elements from different types of lenses may be the most effective form of vision correction, according to one source.

Denise DeWitt, writing for EmpowHer, said that hybrid contact lenses which have elements of both soft and hard types can solve the problem of durability and comfort.

She pointed out that harder lenses can last longer but often provide discomfort after being worn for long sessions, while soft ones are more comfortable but have longevity issues.

Ms DeWitt explained: "The center of a hybrid lens is made of rigid, gas permeable plastic that holds its shape and offers clearer vision. The outer edge is the same as a soft lens. So the edges of the lens conform to the shape of the eye."

Meanwhile, industry analyst Amy Liau said that many students may be suffering eye strain and tiredness because they do not have wear contact lenses, and advised them to invest in new ones, if needed, to ensure exam success.

by Emily Tait

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