Contact lenses "should be put in before makeup is applied"

Contact lenses "should be put in before makeup is applied"

Women who wear Contact lenses have been advised to put them in before applying makeup.

Dr Hilary Hawthorne, a Los Angeles based optometrist, told Osceola Sentinel-Tribune that contact lens wearers often make the mistake of trying to put them in after they have applied make-up such as mascara and eyeliner, but doing this process in reverse is best.

This way, women will avoid the risk of contamination and subsequent infection and can look their absolute best while being able to see clearly, she said.

"It"s important to pay attention to your eye health and keep your eyes feeling comfortable. Proper care, cleaning and storage of your contact lenses can help you protect the health of your eyes," Dr Hawthorne told the newspaper.

Recently, Models Direct offered contact lens wearers some makeup advice, recommending that those with blue lenses wear brown and gold hues, while those with brown eyes should do the reverse and choose blue or teal shades.

by Emily Tait

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