Contact lens wearers warned to follow instructions

Contact lens wearers warned to follow instructions

People who wear contact lenses have been warned to follow the instructions on their products to ensure they get maximum benefit from them and are safe.

The ISN supersite alluded to the case of one man who wore the same pair for several months, even sleeping in them, and only washed them with tap water, disregarding the manufacturer"s instructions.

It said that the man could be easily treated for infection in his eye but pointed out that for people to get the most out of their contact lenses they must ensure they follow the correct procedure.

"The patient responded well to the medications, and he was continued on this regimen even after identification of Paecilomyces. Visual acuity after resolution of the infection was 20/50," the source said.

Meanwhile, similar advice was recently issued by Mark Evans, the director of YouKnowIt.com, who said that people who wear contact lenses need to ensure they take time when inserting and removing them, while using official products from respectable manufacturers.

by Alexa Kaczka

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