New contact lenses "may revolutionise the industry"

New contact lenses "may revolutionise the industry"

The creation and launch of new, advanced Contact lenses may help to boost the industry and revolutionise the way that people wear them, according to an industry expert.

Mike King, writing for Companies and Markets, pointed out that the convenience of wearing contact lenses will only ensure that the use of the visual aids increases in the coming years, with new developments boosting this even further.

"The latest in technological developments has brought soft contacts adding silicone hydrogels to the global marketplace, a scientific advancement expected to revolutionise the extended wear lenses segment," he said.

Mr King added that contact lens manufacturers focusing on this aspect of the market are likely to have the most success in the coming years.

Meanwhile, experts at the French Society of Ophthalmology have claimed that gas-permeable scleral contact lenses could benefit keratoconus patients who are intolerant of traditional rigid lenses, along with people suffering from ocular surface diseases, OSN reported.

by Alexa Kaczka

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