Contact lenses "help you ditch reading glasses"

Contact lenses "help you ditch reading glasses"

People who make the decision to wear Contact lenses will be able to ditch their reading glasses forever, one source has pointed out.

ABC.com noted that people who consult a professional and have contact lenses properly fitted can have them tailored to suit any situation, so things like reading do not become a chore involving having to find glasses.

It pointed out that multifocal Contact lenses are often the best option for people who wish to use the same lenses throughout the day and see both near and far objects equally well.

"A contact lens in each eye has both distance and near components, so that each eye can see far and near. But this option may be worth trying, especially if monovision contact lenses didn"t work for you," the source said.

Recently, actress Christine Baranski teamed up with Bausch + Lomb in order to promote the benefits of using contact lenses instead of reading glasses.

by Alexa Kaczka

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