New alternative to laser eye surgery "a success"

New alternative to laser eye surgery "a success"

By Adrian Galbreth

An alternative to laser eye surgery has been developed and trialled successfully in the US, after one patient reported improved vision.

Texas man Craig Matus told My Fox Houston that he used to get irritated when his glasses slipped off his nose and this prevented him from taking part in his favourite activities, such as hunting and fishing.

However, he underwent a new procedure known as Visian ICL which involves having a rectangular lens fitted permanently in the eye, and said the results have been impressive, even making his hayfever much easier to deal with.

Dr Edward Wade at the Eye Center of Texas was one of the first in the Houston area to perform the procdeure and told the source: "Visian ICL is completely different from LASIK surgery. With LASIK, we"re basically operating on the cornea, the clear surface of the eye, and we"re flattening the cornea with LASIK."

It comes after surfer Danny Bender recently told the Daily Bruin that he experienced problems while surfing and was often prevented from seeing clearly, but managed to solve this through LASIK eye surgery.

by Alexa Kaczka

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