Bausch + Lomb launches new iPhone app

Bausch + Lomb launches new iPhone app

By Martin Burns

Bausch + Lomb has launched a new application for Apple"s iPhone and iPod touch devices which is designed to offer practitioners help in fitting toric lenses.

According to the contact lens manufacturer, the tool involves three steps including spectacle refraction, the adjustment of any lens rotation seen during a trial and the back vertex distance, if required, Optician Online reported.

Dr Philip Morgan, director of Eurolens Research, senior lecturer in optometry at The University of Manchester and co-developer of the Eye-App calculator, said it will help professionals calculating which toric contact lens to fit when correcting specific astigmatic prescriptions.

"This convenient, easy to use tool will simplify the initial lens selection and allow eye care practitioners to rapidly identify a starting point for the toric lens selection and to calculate quickly and easily the new lens that compensates for any axis rotation," he told the source.

Recently, Bausch + Lomb revealed that DraftFCB will be responsible for the company"s European advertising account.

by Emily Tait

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