Wearing contact lenses "a cost-effective option"

Wearing contact lenses "a cost-effective option"

People who need vision correction are more likely to find that contact lenses are a cost-effective option compared with laser eye surgery, according to one expert.

Lou Carlozo, writing for the Savings Experiment, said that a study he conducted into the monthly outgoings which people who wear contact lenses have, compared with those who undergo laser eye surgery, shows that the former works out less expensive.

He added that finding somewhere which will conduct a quality eye exam for a low price is the key thing, as this facility is where people will have contact lenses fitted for the first time.

Mr Carlozo added that contact lenses are also likely to be cheaper than glasses, which people often lose and generally need altering to change the prescription - meaning more expenses that are not an issue for contact lens wearers.

Recent research carried out by experts at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London found that patients who underwent a new lens implant had a substantial improvement in their eyesight, equal to that of those who had laser eye surgery and with less risk.

by Adrian Galbreth

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