Ciba Vision contact lenses "a great option"

Ciba Vision contact lenses "a great option"

By Martin Burns

Contact lenses manufactured by Ciba Vision are a good option for people looking for durability and reliability while also retaining a youthful look, according to one source.

One writer on the Malay Mail pointed out that Ciba Vison Air Op¬tix Aqua Multifocal Contact Lenses can "come to the rescue" for people who need vision correction but do not want to wear glasses.

The source claimed that glasses can also give away a person"s age, especially ones such as bifocals, but Ciba Vision contact lenses are a discreet way of improving eyesight.

"If you don"t want to give away your age by whipping out a pair of glasses every time you want to read a menu, this might prove to be a win-win solu¬tion for you," it said.

Recently, ABC.com pointed out that people who have contact lenses properly fitted can have them tailored to suit any situation, so things like reading do not become a chore involving having to find glasses.

by Adrian Galbreth

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