Expert issues warning over UV rays

Expert issues warning over UV rays

By Alexa Kaczka

One expert has issued a warning over the dangers of exposing the eyes to the sun"s harmful UV rays, or those in tanning salons.

Dr Michael Kutryb, an ophthalmologist, pointed out that UV radiation, whether from natural sunlight or indoor artificial rays, can damage the eye"s surface tissues as well as the cornea and lens.

He explained: "Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the dangers UV light can pose. By wearing UV blocking sunglasses, you can enjoy the summer safely while lowering your risk for potentially blinding eye diseases and tumours."

The expert added that it is important to start wearing proper eye protection at an early age to safeguard the eyes from potentially damaging exposure.

It comes after Dr Julie Toon, a Wichita optometrist and president of the Eye Care Council, recently said that overexposure to UV rays is "serious" and can lead to cataracts, macular degeneration, or, in some cases, skin cancer around the eyelids.

by Martin Burns

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