Advice for teens who want contacts

Advice for teens who want contacts

Glasses can be a fashion accessory but not everyone likes how they look in them - especially fashion-conscious teens.

In addition, youngsters who like to play a lot of sport can find specs are impractical and they are ready for the change to something more convenient.

Running in glasses makes them fall off, while contact lenses rarely just drop out of the eye.

Older teens ready to drive want to make the most of their peripheral vision for safety reasons - glasses only give a limited range of vision, while contact lenses give the eyes their full potential scope.

Teens should cram up on the facts - visit the websites of the major manufacturers, like Johnson and Johnson - which makes 1 Day Acuvue - or Cooper Vision - which makes Freshlook Colours, lenses which are the perfect fashion accessory.

As Johnson and Johnson says on its special teens advice page: "Wearing contacts is all about you – in a good way!

"You’re the one who’s going to wear the lenses and take care of them. Contact lenses will affect how you see – and how other people see you."

by Martin Burns

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