Employers "need to protect workers" sight"

Employers "need to protect workers" sight"

By Alexa Kaczka

A new campaign will encourage the UK"s employers to look after the eye health of their workers.

National sight charity the Eyecare Trust and insurance provider Simplyhealth have launched the ScreenSmart initiative to offer advice to companies on how they can protect their employees" vision, employeebenefits.co.uk reported.

Research carried out by the charity discovered that office staff spend an average of 128,740 hours in front of a computer screen over the course of their working lives, but 44 per cent of businesses fail to offer them help with their optical health, even though this is demanded by the law.

Iain Anderson, chairman of the Eyecare Trust, told the news provider: "The benefits of investing in an eye-friendly culture are far-reaching as good vision can improve productivity, increase job satisfaction and reduce days lost to eye-related sickness."

Last month, a report carried out by UVEX called on employers to do all they can to protect their staffs" sight, such as making sure safety goggles and other protective eyewear are available.

by Martin Burns

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