Protective eyewear "essential" when playing sport

Protective eyewear "essential" when playing sport

People who play sports which put their eyes in danger should ensure that they take steps to protect their vision at all costs, one expert has warned.

Asim Piracha, medical director of the John-Kenyon American Eye Institute, said that there are plenty of ball sports which put people at risk of an eye injury and it is vital to take precautions to prevent this from occurring.

She explained: "Wearing sports goggles, an eye shield or other forms of eye protection during sports, such as squash, baseball and lacrosse is important to prevent injuries."

Ms Piracha added that she often goes mountain biking and always ensures she wears protective eyewear when doing so.

Recently, national sight charity the Eyecare Trust and insurance provider Simplyhealth launched the ScreenSmart initiative to offer advice to companies on how they can protect their employees" vision, employeebenefits.co.uk reported.

by Emily Tait

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