Expert: Contact lens wearers "must take care"

Expert: Contact lens wearers "must take care"

People who wear contact lenses must ensure that they follow the instructions rigidly, one expert has warned.

Dr Vanessa Ewing, an optometrist with the Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers, said that the majority of people who wear Contact lenses follow the instructions properly and suffer no ill effects.

However, she noted that there are some people who do not read the instructions, particularly when switching to a different manufacturer, and these individuals may be asking for trouble.

"A lot of times when patients overwear their contacts or sleep in them, they can get eye infections, ulcers and red eyes," she said.

"Even when the solution says "no rub" on it, you still want to rub the contact in the palm of your hand."

It follows advice by Dr John Rumpakis, an ophthalmologist, international consultant and president and chief executive officer of Practice Resource Management, who told Asia One that many people do not have the ideal storage conditions for their contact lenses and may be putting themselves at risk.

by Martin Burns

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