Protecting the eyes "an everyday requirement"

Protecting the eyes "an everyday requirement"

Protecting the eyes from everyday dangers sounds obvious but is something that many people fail to do, according to one expert.

Dr Asim Piracha, medical director of the John-Kenyon American Eye Institute, said that it is surprising how many people he sees taking part in activities which pose a risk to their eyes with no regard for safety.

The expert told the Courier Journal: "I don"t know how many times I see people in the clinic who have a thorn in their eye or have been cut by a branch. Wear protective eyewear while gardening, car repairs and other projects around your home, such as painting."

He also advised protecting vision when mowing the lawn or simply trimming a hedge, as both of these activities pose a risk to vision.

It comes after national sight charity the Eyecare Trust and insurance provider Simplyhealth launched the ScreenSmart initiative to offer advice to companies on how they can protect their employees" vision.

by Martin Burns

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