Visit to optician saves girl"s life

Visit to optician saves girl"s life

A girl"s life was saved after a routine visit to an optician resulted in her being diagnosed with a rare brain condition.

Samantha Meehan, 16, went to her optician after suffering forms ever headaches which she blamed on the stress of exams and believed she may have required Contact lenses or glasses.

However, she was told she had hydrocephalus, a rare condition, and that she could lose her sight in days if she did not undergo surgery to relive spinal fluid on her brain stem and take pressure off the back of her eyes.

Her mother Wendy told the Daily Mail: "Although Samantha had to stay home for six months to recover from the operation and has to have regular checks to monitor her condition, I"m really proud of how well she"s coping."

In a similar incident, a Worcester man praised a local optician after he spotted a bleed around the back of his eye during a routine examination and saved his sight.

by Emily Tait

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