Cyclists urged to consider eye health

Cyclists urged to consider eye health

By Alexa Kaczka

A new campaign is urging cyclists to look after their eye health, it has been reported.

National cyclists" organisation CTC has launched the Eye Cycle Safe drive to stress the importance of protecting sight while raising awareness of the risks involved with the pastime, according to opticianonline.net.

In research carried out among its members last week, it found that 42 per cent of cyclists do not use eye protection or eyewear which offers UV blocking.

Furthermore, a quarter of respondents said they have not been for an eye test in the last two years.

Lindsay Brown, general manager of Transitions Optical, which is collaborating on the campaign, told the news provider: "It is especially important for cyclists to protect their eyes from UV rays, given how much time they spend outdoors."

Earlier this month, Dr Asim Piracha, medical director of the John-Kenyon American Eye Institute, told the Courier Journal that people should wear eye protection whenever carrying out risky activities.

by Martin Burns

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