Asian contact lenses market "is growing rapidly"

Asian contact lenses market "is growing rapidly"

The contact lenses market continues to expand in Asia as more people realise the benefits of vision correction, it has been claimed.

Myrepublica.com reports that countries such as Nepal are seeing a huge rise in the number of people wearing contact lenses as opposed to other forms of vision correction, such as glasses.

It stated: "As the contact lens market is growing, the government should monitor for the quality and cost uniformity."

The source added that people in the country need to be sure to choose their Contact lenses from a reputable supplier, however, due to the small number of regulated sellers in Nepal.

This come after Himal Kandel, from the Institute of Medicine, Tribhuvan University, said it is essential that wearers follow the manufacturer"s instructions when inserting contact lens and storing them, as this reduces the risk of infection.

by Emily Tait

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