Laser pointers "pose serious danger to eyes"

Laser pointers "pose serious danger to eyes"

Laser pens and similar devices pose a serious danger to vision if pointed directly into the eyes, experts have warned.

Medics from the Royal Liverpool Hospital and Manchester Eye Hospital spoke out after treating a teenager who had shone a laser into his own eyes.

Dr Kimia Ziahosseini said that the teen was treated for burns and retinal damage and warned both buyers and sellers that the device can be extremely damaging.

"Although his vision has now returned to normal, he is at risk of developing problems later on in life as a result of the damage to his retina," Dr Ziahosseini explained.

The calls have been backed by healthcare authorities including The UK Health Protection Agency, which has said that only laser pens with minimal power should be sold.

Further eye protection advice was recently issued by national cyclists" organisation CTC, which launched the Eye Cycle Safe drive to stress the importance of protecting sight while raising awareness of the risks involved with the pastime, according to opticianonline.net.

by Emily Tait

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