The importance of lens care and avoiding water

The importance of lens care and avoiding water

Taking care of contact lenses means taking care of your eyes - so it is vitally important for wearers to follow manufacturer guidelines.

While full instructions for use are always included in packs of contact lenses - which are available to order online - companies like Cooper Vision also have a great deal of useful information available of their websites.

Cooper Vision explains in detail the reasons for maintaining a good cleaning routine, including the fact that if lenses are not thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis then deposits can build up and affect the eyes.

The four main points to remember about contact lenses are cleaning and disinfecting, storage, re-wetting and using the lens cases.

It points out contact lens solution is important - using tap water to clean lenses is a no-no because it contains chlorine, minerals and metal particles.

As normal tap waster is unsuitable for wetting eyes that have become a little dry, Cooper Vision advises special drops to aid comfort when wearing contact lenses.

by Alexa Kaczka

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