Contact lenses "can remedy many conditions"

Contact lenses "can remedy many conditions"

Contact lenses can be used as an effective treatment for many eye problems, one source has pointed out.

AnnArbour.com observed that conditions ranging from myopia to astigmatism can all be treated through the use of contact lenses and encouraged people to be aware of these options.

The source explained that astigmatism can be particularly problematic, as it causes light to be focused at two points on the retina instead of one and so causes discomfort to the sufferer.

It explained: "Astigmatism is inherited and can occur at any age. If an eyeglass or contact lens prescription has three parts it means that there is astigmatism. "Irregular" astigmatism is more difficult to correct and may require special contact lenses or eye surgery.

Recently, specialists at Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in London pointed out that the insertion of phakic intraocular lenses may become the preferred corrective procedure for people wanting to avoid wearing glasses.

by Martin Burns

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