Is Christian Dior moving into contact lenses?

Is Christian Dior moving into contact lenses?

By Emily Tait

Fashion designer Christian Dior is moving into the contact lenses market with some new products which are branded with the company"s logo.

It is the first time a major fashion house has moved into the field in this way, with wearers able to choose a lens with gold flakes and the "CD" logo etched alongside.

A gold strip on the lens also covers the right side of the eye and is thought to be an attempt to appeal to the current trend for "vampire chic" popularised by the Twilight books and films.

Fashion website Styleite states: "There"s also what appears to be a black rim surrounding the circumference of the contact. Christian Dior is taking your eyes one step past designer frames."

It comes after the Clitheroe Advertiser and Times reported that employees at the local branch of SPEX opticians wore contact lenses with a St George"s flag on them to support the England team in their first game against the USA last Saturday (June 12th).

by Martin Burns

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