People avoid eye tests "for fear of what they may find out"

People avoid eye tests "for fear of what they may find out"

Many people are put off going to the opticians for an eye test as they are frightened as to what may be discovered, according to two ocular experts.

David Scott-Ralphs, chairman of National Eye Health Week, and Giles Butler from the Federation of Ophthalmic and Dispensing Opticians said that another reason people avoid these essential exams is because they are worried they will hurt.

"People think unless they feel they have a problem, they don"t need to bother. But a sight test can also detect other defects without you showing any symptoms," they said.

These comments follow the recent publication of research in a recent print issue of Archives of Ophthalmology that suggested exposure of the skin and face to the sun could heighten people"s risk of developing cataracts, which can be detected in eye tests.

According to the NHS, cataracts are the leading cause of impaired vision across the world.

They most commonly affect older people and childhood cataracts are very rare, affecting only around three in every 10,000 children in the UK.

by Alexa Kaczka

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