Patient hails implanted contact lens surgery

Patient hails implanted contact lens surgery

A patient who underwent surgery to have a special type of contact lens implanted into his eye has hailed the procedure a massive success.

Texas man Craig Matus recently underwent an operation conducted by Dr Edward Wade, in which the surgeon slipped an implantable contact lens between the patient"s iris and natural lens.

Mr Matus said the 15-minute operation did not cause any discomfort and has left him with 20/20 vision.

He explained that he was not sure if the operation would be worth it, but following a consultation about LASIK, he was told that implantable contact lens were a wise option.

"There"s not any chance of having the side effects of LASIK, because you"re not messing with the cornea," Mr Matus said.

In a similar article, surfer Danny Bender recently told the Daily Bruin that he experienced problems while surfing and was often prevented from seeing clearly – something he managed to solve through LASIK eye surgery.

by Alexa Kaczka

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