Proper contact lens replacement "increases comfort"

Proper contact lens replacement "increases comfort"

The proper replacement of Contact lensesis effective in reducing discomfort, according to a new study.

According to a report published in the journal Optometry & Vision Science, people who follow the manufacturer"s recommendations for replacing the products and stick to a schedule are likely to increase the overall comfort of wearing them.

The data was part of a larger study sponsored by CIBA Vision, which was developed to investigate Contact lens replacement schedule compliance.

"This study supports the belief that greater patient compliance may minimize the chance of experiencing discomfort with contact lenses, and thus, decrease the potential for patients to discontinue contact lens wear," the report said.

It comes after a study published by Global Industry Analysts suggested that the world market for contact lenses and solutions is projected to exceed $11.7 billion (£7.9 billion) by the year 2015.

by Emily Tait

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