Bausch + Lomb promotes disposable lenses for children

Bausch + Lomb promotes disposable lenses for children

By Martin Burns

A leading contact lens manufacturer is involved in a new scheme to showcase the benefits of daily disposable lenses for younger people.

Bausch + Lomb is offering boxes of its 90 SofLens daily disposable lenses to youngsters at a discounted rate in the US after research by the Ohio State University College of Optometry suggested children can benefit from using the products.

The study found that 94 per cent of children and 83 per cent teens noticed an improved performance in activities after switching from glasses to contact lenses.

Lisa Van de Mark, vice-president of marketing for Bausch + Lomb"s US vision care division, said the firm hopes to extend access to daily disposables to children.

"Our goal is twofold: to address the concerns of parents – namely, health, safety, convenience and price – and to provide children who want to wear contact lenses with crisp, clear vision," she added.

Bausch + Lomb recently launched its new Biotrue multi-purpose contact lens solution in the US.

by Martin Burns

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